Meet The Johnsons


What is Meet the Johnsons about?

Meet the Johnsons is an ongoing fictional story created by me, Simaticsims, using the Sims 3 as a story telling platform. The idea is to follow one family through a series of dramatic events that shapes their lives. This will be the fourth generation of Sims I have wrote a series for. You can visit the Other Stories Page for more of my Sims 3 Series featuring Ludmilla’s parents and grandparents.

Is this story suitable for all audiences?

I would have to say my style of writing, while not raunchy does tend to learn toward a PG-13 type audience. Just like the Sims 3 game, it will include sexual themes, violence and crude humor. I always give a heads up at the beginning of the chapter if there’s something that should be red flagged!

Can I download your Sims family for my game?

Yes. They are up for download on the Downloads page. Feel free to download them and play them in your city. All I ask is that you do not re-upload them as your own on The Sims 3 site or copy my story ideas and make them your own.

Where do you come up with your story ideas?

I guess that’s the magic of being a writer. Ideas play like a movie in my head and I jot them down. Sometimes when I am unsure, I will¬† bounce ideas off my best friend who is also my biggest fan!

Why do you write Sim stories instead of real books?

Simming is a hobby for me and since I love to write, it’s the best of both worlds all rolled in one. Though, I do write seriously when I am not Simming. I have already published one book and currently working on a few yet to be released.

Can I friend you on Facebook?

Sure! Please do. You can find me under Simatic Sims. I am also on the Sims 3 Site with the handle Simaticsims. The best and most awesome way to communicate with me is right here on this blog. Leave me a story comment, I love to read them and try to respond to every one that I can!

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